Bob Rankin: Is the Office Copier Telling Your Secrets?


By Bob Rankin

Nearly every digital photocopier sold since 2002 stores images of whatever it copies on an internal hard drive. This enables conveniences like printing copies of frequently needed documents without re-scanning them. But stored documents can also be a security or identity theft time-bomb. Consider what may be on that copier’s hard drive when you or your employer trades it in or otherwise disposes of it…

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Bits from Bill Pytlovany: National ID System Replaced by Facebook

bill p

By Bill Pytlovany

I’m always writing about privacy and my recommendations on protecting your personal information. The success of social networks like Facebook has proven that most people really don’t care about privacy. The same people who may have signed a petition against a National ID number now share their info willingly with applications on Facebook.

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iPhone4 Complaints Soar

iPhone4 sales and complaints soar!

DON’T TOUCH IT! Obviously just purchasing a special dock for your iPhone isn’t enough. Now it seems that on the go users will need special tools for holding their phone during calls. This will result in flurry of strategy meetings for less competent engineers of Droid and Mobile Windows devices.

Pesky Apple continues to lead the way

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Ask Leo: How do I keep my information on a shared computer private?


By Leo Notenboom

A reader asks: “I share a computer and I want to know how to
keep my information private.”

Ultimately … you can’t. At least not easily, and even then
it depends on the data that you’re attempting to keep
private, and the technical savvy of the individuals that
you’re attempting to keep it private from.

There’s nothing like your own computer. But if you have to
share, there are a couple of things that might help. A

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Will Windows 7 Hurt Apples Slow Rise


The Lords and Ladies of Reuters ponder whether the popularity of Windows 7 will do more than cause a small ripple in Mac market share. It seems I was asking myself the same question just last Tuesday. I’m not sure I gave Apple Mac as much credit for being number 2 as the folks from the Jolly Kingdom. I’m thinking it will cause a significant slow down for Apple’s rising figures.

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Top Loved Custom Desktops

Custom Desktops

As PC Pitstop began collating the user satisfaction feedback for desktop systems, it became evident that there was a significant number of custom built Desktop systems. Based on system information we were able to segregate these custom built systems into a separate satisfaction report. From this we were able to tabulate what motherboards were in the most loved systems. It is interesting to note that 4 out of the top 10 best loved motherboards are AMD boards.

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Windows 7 Release To Manufacturers July 13th


Twitterspeak: OMG RTM@WPC

July explodes onto the scene as reports of Windows 7, version 7264 flood the internet. Why the excitement, what’s different about this version? Well, first off the beta and RC1 license keys that have been so abundantly supplied by Microsoft, will not activate the software. This is a sure sign that the RTM release day is close. Additional evidence is noted by changes in the EULA. All references to “development” have been removed, and while there are other more subtle changes, these are enough for me.

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Bits from Bill: Windows 7 may come with a Steep Price

bill p

By Bill Pytlovany

Windows 7 may come with a Steep Price

So far most of my predictions about Windows 7 have been right on the money. Microsoft has scaled back the number of versions. Computer manufactures confirm they’ll have Windows7 installed on machines in time for Christmas. Unfortunately, the one thing I may have been wrong about was …

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Minimum Requirements For Windows 7 RC 1


We’re coming into the home stretch for the release of Windows 7. Tuesday May5th, Microsoft made available Windows 7 RC 1 for everyone to download. In an attempt to avoid a server jamming rush there are no time limits on how long you have to download this release. There are no limitations on keys available and the servers are giving good to great download speeds.

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Your Data May Be Lost at Sea(gate).


Users of Seagates 7200.11 Baracuda ES.2 SATA and DiamondMax 22 hard drives are falling victim to a firmware bug as reported by Seagate, various forums, and blogs.

Some users of the Barracuda 7200.11, Barracuda ES.2 SATA, and DiamondMax 22 desktop hard drives are blocked from their data by a firmware bug that is causing lock-ups and/or failures. Users are finding that although data has not been erased from their drives – some data is being rendered inaccessible.

SEAGATE says there is no data loss, but obviously there may be issues for individual users learning how to access or recover the data.

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Identity Theft – Be Scared


Are you worried about having your identity stolen? I am. It
has happened to two people that I know. My mother and a friend
of mine in in Myrtle Beach. Once your identity is stolen, your

life is forever changed. Even after you spend weeks upon weeks

squaring everything away with your credit card company, things

will never be right. You begin to dread answering the phone

because it may be someone that erroneously thinks you owe them

money. My mother was close to tears still getting phone calls 5

years after the alleged deed took place. It certainly wears on you.

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Free Identity Theft Test


It’s very convenient to let Internet Explorer (IE) or Firefox save values and automatically complete fields on forms, but it may not be completely secure. Think about what could happen if you walk away from your computer for an extended period,
and someone else walks up to it and starts working.

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From Bloat To Craplet


From bloatware to craplets seems like a logical progression for unwanted waste. Are computer manufacturers finally taking this logical approach to removing the crap-lets they’ve been dumping on us?

Yesterday I was setting up a new laptop for a friend. I wanted to get it out of the box and make sure there were no problems accessing the Internet. After testing and timing the laptops used for our last look at bloatware, I was worried that my friend would end up with a mess. Surprisingly the first boot went smoother than I expected. There was no flood of pop-ups or junk. Humph!

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