PC Pitstop Newsletter – October 2010 #2

  • Largest Windows Patch Ever
  • PC Matic Helps Locate Stolen PCs
  • Erase Yourself on the Internet
  • Online Storage is Great
  • McAfee Harming WinPatrol Users
  • Why Net Neutrality is Good
  • 3 Tools for Extra PC Protection
  • Movie Review- The Social Network
  • Browser Wars Fall 2010
  • Tekzilla Tip- Start Windows Apps Fast
  • Tip 1 – Turn Pics into Mini World
  • Tip 2 – Fav4.org
  • Research – 79% Have No Security Worries
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    PC Pitstop Newsletter – October 2009 #2

      Bits from Bill: Should You Upgrade to Windows 7 Now?
      Windows 7 – The Faster Version
      The Dodge Retort: Hopeful for Windows 7, But…
      Chris Pirillo: Windows 7 Security
      Ask Leo: My PC was Stolen, What Now?
      TechBite: 5 Tools to Tickle Your PCs Fancy
      Technologizer: Worst PC in America Slideshow
      Tip #1: Admin at Welcome screen
      Tip #2: Get Back the Classic Taskbar
      Tip #3: Install Windows Backup on XP
      PC Pitstop Driver Library

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    PC Pitstop Newsletter – October 2009

      Technologizer: The Worst PC in America
      Bits from Bill: Another Secret to Fast Startup
      Ask Leo: 7 Keys for Account Protection
      TechBite: 5 Killer Word Tricks
      1,000,000 YouTube Videos
      Chris Pirillo: Video Editing Made Easy
      The Dodge Retort: Windows 7 Launch Party
      Tip #1: Upgrading from XP to Windows 7
      Tip #2: Recover your Deleted Files, Free!
      Tip #3: System Restore is Broken
      PC Pitstop Driver Library

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    Technologizer: World’s Weirdest Portable Computers


    By Harry McCracken

    There aren’t many pieces of technological design that simply can’t be improved upon, but the clamshell-style laptop computer case–introduced by Grid Systems in 1982–may be one of them. That’s why the vast majority of the portable computers built ever since have used it. But for more than a quarter-century now, inventors have been trying to top it, with folding screens, screens on stalks, folding keyboards, two-screen clamshells, tri-fold clamshells, and more. Most never even get off the drawing board. Herewith, a gallery of designs from Google Patents (click the filing dates to see the patents). There’s only one in here I might have considered buying, but on some perverse level I admire them all.

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    Laptop Fires Trigger New Recalls


    Just in case you were getting bored with the economy and the candidates, Sony brings you their 2nd Annual Battery Recall. This event is being held at the Palm Shore Resort and is hosted by Dell, Toshiba, and HP…… . Sorry, but a little levity helps as the occurrence of laptops catching fire, exploding and possibly damaging life, limb and property has become so commonplace that it’s almost a seasonal event.

    Check out Robs video of what happens when a laptop catches fire. It’s had almost a million and a half views.

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    OpenOffice.org Office Productivity Suite

    OpenOffice.org 2.0 was released in October 2005 and is proving to be a formidable contender in the office productivity suite arena. The fully featured open-source suite is freely distributed and is a direct competitor of Microsoft Office. The suite contains word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, graphic and database modules. It can read and write most of the of the file formats found in Microsoft Office and many other applications.

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