Windows Talk: 3 Online Backup Websites You Should Know About


In recent years, computer backup and disaster recovery services have become increasingly important as more and more business owners rely on computers for running their companies. For the home users, things like family photos, videos, and music as well as documents are sometimes irreplaceable. Online data backup is easy secure backups and is like having an insurance that protects your data against viruses, theft, or accidental deletions.

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Bob Rankin: How I Got Hacked… & Why You MUST Have a Backup!


Last week I heard from a friend who thought she might have been infected by a virus. When she visited her own website, it was redirecting her to another web address. It sounded like a simple Javascript redirect, so I assumed it would be safe to visit her site and see where the problem was. Turns out that was a BIG mistake! Find out what happened to my computer, and how I finally managed to recover from the damage…

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