Overclocking is the process of manipulating the CPU and other components of your computer to run faster than the manufacturers rated speed. Why would you want to overclock your computer? Overclocking can improve performance in tasks such as resource-intensive games, programs running large databases, extensive graphics editing, and video rendering. The budget conscious could also save money on their processor by purchasing a cheaper low-end CPU that can be overclocked to higher specs. And there’s always the bragging rights of having that really fast, super-tweaked system.

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PC Pitstop’s Top Dawg Challenge!

Who’s the Fastest? Are you the Top Dawg?


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It’s time to take the Top Dawg Challenge to the next level. We are so excited to have Western Digital as the sponsor of the Top Dawg Challenge. WD Raptor drives are the fastest drives on the planet, and all decent high end PCs have at least two Raptor drives inside them. Now our search continues for the fastest PCs in the land. Race your PCs often to compare your results against the competition.

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May 2005 Top Dawg Challenge Winners

The latest Top Dawg Challenge sponsored by Western Digital is history; the results are in and the prizes have either been received or are on their way to the winners. There were two categories in this contest: Overclocked AMD and Overclocked Intel with prizes awarded to the top three contestants in each category. The first place prize in each category was a 74GB WD Raptor, second place in each category won a 36GB WD Raptor, and third place in each won a WD Raptor Shirt and Cap. There were also four random drawings giving away two 36GB WD Raptor hard drives and two WD T-shirt and cap combos.

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