PC Pitstop Newsletter – October 2009

    Technologizer: The Worst PC in America
    Bits from Bill: Another Secret to Fast Startup
    Ask Leo: 7 Keys for Account Protection
    TechBite: 5 Killer Word Tricks
    1,000,000 YouTube Videos
    Chris Pirillo: Video Editing Made Easy
    The Dodge Retort: Windows 7 Launch Party
    Tip #1: Upgrading from XP to Windows 7
    Tip #2: Recover your Deleted Files, Free!
    Tip #3: System Restore is Broken
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A Few Words About My Good Buddy, Windows XP

XP's Gold Watch

Friends, it’s great to be here at the retirement party for Windows XP. As you all know, he’ll be leaving his full-time job at Microsoft as of the end of June. Just like Bill Gates, it won’t be an abrupt break with the company. You’ll see XP wandering the halls for a few years to come. Keep your guard up; when you least expect it you’ll be hit by an XP practical joke. Just last week I noticed he tried to hide file extensions for known file types.

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