Additional Details on PC Matic’s Pending Patent

More Information on PC Matic’s Pending Patent We recently wrote a post about our patent pending technologies with PC Matic, and many of you wrote in wanting to know more about it. PC Matic is an endpoint security solution that meets the anti-virus needs of home and enterprise PC users, and was developed in 2009. […]

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Patent Pending Whitelist Technology

PC Pitstop has been using its own application whitelisting technology, in its security solutions PC Matic, PC Matic Pro and PC Matic MSP, since 2011.  The company had applied for a patent on this technology some time ago.  It was this quarter, PC Pitstop learned its patent request is now pending.  The pending patent includes […]

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PC Pitstop Newsletter – August 2010

  • Cellphone/Smartphone Survey
  • World of Computer Security
  • 6 Steps to Remove Malware
  • Keep Yourself Safe from Viruses
  • Droid X vs Droid Incredible
  • They Call It the Streak
  • Facebook National ID System
  • SSD vs Traditional Hard Drives
  • Google Voice is Cool & Free
  • Tekzilla Tip- Organize Your MP3 Collection
  • Tip 1 – Test Boot Speed with Free Utility
  • Tip 2 – Ever Had Blue Screen of Death?
  • Tip 3 – Using the Favorite Links List
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