RDP 101

Who has RDP? There’s been a lot of talk in recent months about RDP being the favorite attack vector for cybercriminals. This raises a lot of concern, especially if you aren’t sure what RDP means. It’s likely that if you aren’t familiar with RDP, it’s not something you have to worry about. RDP means remote […]

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Tips4PC.com: 10 Tips To Improve Your Computer Security

10 tips to improve your computer security

Computer security is no joke—the FBI recently arrested a man for child pornography, but when they investigated his computer, it turned out that a computer virus had been downloading the images using his account; in this article we’ll give you 10 tips to improve your computer security that may save you from being dragged out in handcuffs in front of your neighbors.

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PC Pitstop Newsletter – May 2010 #2

    The State of Security
    Detecting Facebook Security Problems
    Security Software Doesnt Fix Human Nature
    Google’s Drive By Snooping
    How to Control Your Facebook Privacy
    Are Computers Simply Too Unsafe?
    Should You Quit Facebook?
    Free iPad Scam
    No one PC security program best at doing it all
    Gadget Survey
    Tip 1 – Cookie control and script defender
    Tip 2 – Scan A Windows PC For Viruses From A Ubuntu Live CD
    Tip 3 – Free AVG Rescue CD

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