Pentagon’s Defense Department Suffers Security Breach

Defense Department Breached, Leaving 30K Employee’s Information Exposed Last week, the Pentagon confirmed its Defense Department was breached, impacting approximately 30,000 military and civilian employees.  The information breached included personal information and credit card data.  At this time, there is no evidence any classified information was compromised. Although the Pentagon just confirmed this breach, department […]

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Russians Allowed to Dissect Pentagon’s Security Software

Security lock

Pentagon’s Security Software Source Codes Provided to Russian Defense Agency Wait, what?!  Yes, it is true.  Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) allowed a Russian defense agency to dissect the source codes for the security software used by the U.S. military.  The HPE program, deemed ArcSight, alerts analysts when there are concerns computer systems are under attack.  […]

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If Congress Gets Their Way – It’ll be Goodbye to Kaspersky Labs

U.S. Government Using Kaspersky Labs As early as 2008, Russian-based antivirus company, Kaspersky Labs, has been used on U.S. government devices.  However, with the rising concern of ties between Kaspersky Labs and the Russian government, the United States Congress is taking major steps to prevent the use of Kaspersky on government devices.  In May of […]

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Russia Blaming U.S. for NotPetya Attacks

NotPetya Allegations – Russia or U.S.? Last week, the latest cyber weapon was revealed.  NotPetya, a malware that is meant to seek and destroy data, attacked various business entities around the world.  Now Ukraine, which appeared to be the primary target of NotPetya, is claiming the Russians are to blame.  Although no official statement has […]

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