The Latest Cyber Weapon Tied to Petya

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Latest Cyber Weapon — Petya or Not? The cyber industry has been going back and forth for the last week and a half over the latest cyber weapon, deemed NotPetya by some, and Petya by others.  Some researchers believed the cyber attack that initially targeted Ukraine was a variant of the ransomware, Petya.  Others believed […]

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Petya Creators Reveals Themselves to Confirm Latest Attack Was Not Petya

Ransomware Creator Verifies, Latest Global Attack was not Petya This week, another global attack hit the world.  Initial reports claimed the attack was a version of the Petya ransomware.  However, after further investigation, it was determined the global attack was not Petya.  It wasn’t even ransomware.  The malware variant spread throughout the attack, deemed NotPetya, […]

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