Cape Cod Community School Loses $807K in Phishing Attack

Cape Cod School Loses Close to $1M in Malicious Email Scam This year ended poorly for Cape Cod Community School when they fell victim to a phishing attack.  An email was distributed throughout the school that was disguised as content from another educational institution.  It was because of how the email was disguised, that staff […]

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Virginia High School Falls Victim to Phishing Attack

Virginia High School Suffers Outage After Malware Infects Systems Grassfield High School located in Chesapeake, Virginia, has suffered a cyber attack, leaving various computers utterly useless.  According to school officials, a staff member clicked on a phishing email which infected their computer, as well as others on the network.  At this time, the infection is not system-wide […]

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Phishing Attack Compromised 1,600 School Employees’ W-2s

Connecticut Schools Hit Hard By Phishing Attacks Glastonbury Public Schools in Connecticut was the recent victim of a phishing attack.  The phishing attack resulted in 1,600 W-2s being compromised.  The school district is uncertain who exactly had their information exposed.  However, they did report the food service personnel do not need to be concerned about […]

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Gmail Phishing Attack – Tricking Even the Tech Savvy

Gmail Users Targeted in Phishing Attack A phishing attack, that has been confirmed by Inc. to be in existence for over a year, is gaining awareness.  Gmail users are being targeted by hackers, infiltrating their inboxes.  Once the cyber criminals gain access to a persons email account, they have the ability to review all recent incoming and outgoing messages.  […]

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