Phishing Impacts Victims Far More Than Breaches

Study Reveals Phishing Victims Found to Lose More Than Breach Victims Google conducted a yearlong study regarding the impacts of data breaches compared to phishing scams.  The study found only 7% of individuals whose data was exposed due to a security breach, were still using the same password.  Therefore, although the data was breached, cyber criminals […]

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Can You Classify A Malicious Email?

I’m sure at times you think, “Wow–they said it AGAIN.  Think before you click.  We get it already!!”.  But do you?  Do you still look at your emails to confirm they’re coming from someone you know.  Are you checking the email address it came from to ensure it’s legitimate?  Do you hover the links to be sure […]

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Phishing Scam Exposes 756K Californian’s Personal Data

Phishing scam infects LA County offices, revealing thousands of files. A recent breach of several LA County offices led to over 750,000 personal files being leaked to Nigerian hacker, Austin Kelvin Onaghinor.  The report, made by CSO Online, stated a warrant has been placed for the hacker who is allegedly responsible for the phishing scam. The […]

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