FBI Recovers $16.4M After Catching Phishing Ring

FBI Hooks a Major Phish This week, the FBI had a big win when it comes to making a dent in cyber crime.  After investigating a crime ring, the FBI, Secret Service, Postal Inspection Services, Homeland Security Investigations, and Treasury Department arrested 74 alleged cyber criminals for taking part in a business email scam.  A majority […]

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Top Cyber Threats of 2017 & Tips to Stay Safe in 2018

The 2017 Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR) broke down the cyber security threats the world faced last year.  Not only will we discuss some key features, but also ways to mitigate each threat. 73% of Malware Attacks were Distributed via Phishing Attacks Emails with malicious intent, or phishing emails, proved to be the method of […]

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Scammers Obtain Thousands of Employee W-2s After Successful Phishing Attack

Phishing Attack Hits Bloomington Public Schools – Minnesota Star Tribune reported an estimated 2,800 current and former Bloomington Public School employees has their private information stolen after a malicious email scam tricked a school employee to send the information to hackers. The phishing scam requested for all of the 2016 W-2s to be sent to a specific […]

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ALERT: Latest Round of Phishing Campaigns Targeting Businesses

Hackers are currently targeting business of all sizes in the latest round of phishing campaigns. The way the social engineering attack works is emails are sent to employees with PDF attachments, claiming to have “secure or protected documentations”. Unlike many cases in the past, these PDFs do not have malware embedded in them. Instead, they […]

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88% of Employees Lack Cyber Security Awareness

Internet Security System

MediaPro recently conducted a survey focusing on cyber security, which included eight specific security scenarios.  The survey was completed by 1,000 U.S. employees.  After completion of the survey, it was determined only 12% of the respondents have enough cyber security awareness to prevent privacy issues or a cyber attack.  It was also determined, based on the […]

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