Technologizer: Worst PC in America Contest


By Harry McCracken

Attention, computer owners! Some of you own some really lousy PCs–either ones that were dogs in the first place, or which have gotten so roughed up over time that they’re just plain sad. Maybe most of these machines aren’t in active use–I sure hope not–but if they aren’t, they’re lurking in closets and attics across this great nation. I just know it.

And we want to hear about them, since the one type of computer more memorable than a great one is a bizarrely terrible one. Here’s your incentive to spill your guts: Courtesy of HP, we’ll pick a winner from among all people who tell us about their bad PCs–and that person will receive HP’s extremely slick, feature-laden Envy 13 notebook as a prize. (Thanks to HP for providing it.)

Entries must be submitted no later than 5pm PDT on Friday, October 16th. Use of photos (one of ‘em, at bare minimum) and videos is encouraged.


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Windows7 Tips and Tweaks


It’s here and it’s coming at you like a freight train. We’re not even out of the beta and I’m thinking about tweaking this latest release from Microsoft. So before I get into some great tweaks, let me share some news about the progress of Windows 7 on its way to market.

Rumor has it that Windows7 RC1 could be released to some select testers on April 10th. I’ve been using the Windows7 beta 7000 build that was initially released to the public and while there have been others, 7022, 7048 and 7057, there have also been reported fake releases seen on some of the torrent site

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