Ask Leo: How do I block people from finding information about me on the internet?


By Leo Notenboom

How do I block people from finding me and information about me on
the internet? I want to erase myself from the internet. How do I stop
my name and my information from showing when people google me or search
for me on the internet?

This is, sadly, an extremely common question. I say sadly, because
the answer is both disappointingly complex, and ultimately

The short answer is very, very simple…

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Bits from Bill Pytlovany: Who Gets Your Personal Information on Facebook?

bill p

By Bill Pytlovany

Are you one of the 350 million Facebook users? I’m a big fan of Facebook and like many I connect daily to see what my friends are doing and to share photos. As a security professional I am very careful about what I post and what information I allow to be shared. In that respect I’m unique. It surprises me how many of my friends will refuse to allow companies to share their information but eagerly give away their personal information to application developers on Facebook.

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Bits from Bill Pytlovany: Faster Startup with Windows Prefetch

bill p

By Bill Pytlovany

Earlier this month I had a huge reaction to my post about cleaning up the Windows “Temporary Internet Folder”. Comments from readers provided many other great tips but there was some confusion over one of my major points. Even if you don’t use the stand alone Internet Explorer browser, other components of Windows use this folder so if you miss this post check it out.

A few people also mentioned the Windows Prefetch folder. Prefetch is a pretty cool feature that started with Windows XP, was improved in Vista and even more optimized in Windows 7.

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WSJ: “Why Email No Longer Rules”


The growing use and importance of smartphones, instant messaging, text messaging and social networking – is signaling the end of the email era or at the least marking a major shift in personal commuincations.

Jessica E Vascellaro over at the Wall Street Journal has a great post today about the changes in the way we are communicating with each other.

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Windows 7 Release To Manufacturers July 13th


Twitterspeak: OMG RTM@WPC

July explodes onto the scene as reports of Windows 7, version 7264 flood the internet. Why the excitement, what’s different about this version? Well, first off the beta and RC1 license keys that have been so abundantly supplied by Microsoft, will not activate the software. This is a sure sign that the RTM release day is close. Additional evidence is noted by changes in the EULA. All references to “development” have been removed, and while there are other more subtle changes, these are enough for me.

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Video – How Do You Find Duplicate Files (or Compare Them)?


How many files do you have on your computer? You probably have too many, and you probably have a lot of duplicate files. Finding those duplicate files can be a challenge without the right software. What if you need to compare files? Again, this can be a challenge. Thankfully, Chris Pirillo has a couple of pieces of software to tell you about.

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PC Pitstop OverDrive Beta


Long time no see. What? It’s past Ground Hog’s Day? Man, I feel like I’ve been buried in a hole. The reason is because I have been working non stop on a (w)hole redesign of our world renowned Full Tests. We are renaming the service, PC Pitstop OverDrive Beta. Our plan is to run the beta for as long as necessary to weed out any last bugs. The product has already undergone substantial testing, but it is not possible to foresee every situation without a formal and public beta period. Once that is over, our plan is to move our signature Full Tests to OverDrive. Vrooom!

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