Ask Leo: How do I maximize my battery life?


By Leo Notenboom

When I first got my laptop (8 mos. ago) my battery life was about 2 hours 45. Now after daily use (mostly with plug but using battery as well) it is down to 1.5 hrs which is basically useless. I have tried draining totally recharging etc and still only 1.5 hours. SO I am buying a new one. My question is how do I make my battery keep its charge so I can have it when I need it?

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ASK THE PROS 2009 Drivers and More Drivers


Every week ASK THE PROS receives questions about drivers. They are not always the same but between looking for specific drivers and wanting to know how to find drivers, the questions mount up. A few weeks back I referenced our Drivers 101 offering. It comes with every DriverAlert subscription. It’s an excellent guide but there’s something missing. How do I save the drivers that are installed on my PC now?
That’s the question to start this month’s ASK THE PROS.

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Playing with Fire

Last month, Dell announced they would be replacing over 4 million batteries from notebook computers shipped worldwide during the last 2 years. Shortly, after that Apple announced a similar recall on a smaller scale. Doing a recall on this magnitude is an extremely expensive and complex task, and PC Pitstop applauds these companies for leading the way. The reality is that all portables running LiON batteries have some probability of exploding. Apple and Dell owners should be pleased, not dismayed, that their manufacturers chose to be the leaders in alerting their users to the risks of portable computing.

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Google and Spyware

On February 1, 2005, Google announced record revenues of $1.032 billion and profits of $303 million. Just like everyone else in the world, I was blown away. What a great company! The stock market seemed to agree since Google’s stock price hit a record high after their earnings announcement.

But there’s something that has been bothering me and many others in the antispyware community about the search engine juggernaut. And that’s Google’s ties to spyware.

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