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PC Matic Pro Team Hits the Road

Spreading the Word on Modern Cyber Threats The PC Matic team travels frequently for various channel and partner events, and this quarter was no exception.  Our CEO, Rob Cheng, had the honor of presenting the keynote address at this year’s Interface conference in Dallas to over 200 attendees.  In addition, Rob also presented for the …

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PowerPoint Tips: 6 Steps to a Quick PowerPoint Makeover

This past month, I did two makeovers–one for a long-time friend who was presenting at an academic conference and the other for a business partner. Since I wasn’t getting paid, I went through them fairly quickly and by the time I had finished both, I realized that I had a simple system that I could share with you.

Do you sometimes want to quickly make a presentation look better without changing the content very much? In these two instances, I wasn’t at liberty to reorganize the content or change the number of slides much, so I had to make simple changes. Yes, I would have liked to do a more thorough job, but …