Chris Pirillo: When Will 4GB of RAM Be Not Be Enough?


By Chris Pirillo

The Lockergnome community was recently asked when we feel that 4GB of RAM just won’t be “enough” for our machines. As of now, there are very few people who need more than this, even though we all like to think we do. If you think back to when Windows XP was released, the minimum requirement to install was 64MB of RAM. Compare that to Vista or Windows 7 – or any other software on the market today. Most of it will require you to have at least 1 or 2GB of memory. So – when will we see the day where 4GB isn’t enough anymore?

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PC Pitstop January 2009 Newsletter #2

  • World’s Best Free Software
  • Ask the Pros – RAID Arrays
  • Fastest Laptop in the World
  • Is Memory Load Killing Your PC?
  • Is Your Data Lost at Sea(gate)?
  • Bits from Bill: Whats New in Windows 7 Security
  • Techbite: Help is on the Way
  • Technologizer: A Retro Unboxing with Atari
  • PC Trends – Newspapers Near Extinction
  • PC Trends – Use of Free Software Takes Off
  • Tech Tips – Avoid Pointless Software
  • Tech Tips – A 360 Degree Windows Desktop
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    Microsoft: We’re Sorry, but We’ll Make it Up to You

    Dave reports in from the Microsoft Professional Developer Conference.

    When Steve Sinofsky took the stage on Tuesday at the Microsoft Professional Developer Conference, the senior vice president was willing to confess some past sins with Vista. His presentation was the first public demonstration of the new Windows 7 user interface, and showed how Microsoft intends to change Windows 7 to fix the problems that exist in Vista, and indeed in earlier versions of Windows.

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    Average Installed Memory – Vista vs. XP

    Vista vs XP: Average Installed RAM

    Back in May 2006, when Microsoft announced Vista system memory requirements of 512 MB for “Vista Capable” and 1 GB for “Vista Premium Ready” classifications, the average XP system had 833 MB and 659 MB of installed memory for Desktop and Portable systems respectively. Once Vista was released in early 2007, most users determined that “more memory was better” as the average installed desktop memory rose relatively quickly to over 2 GB on Vista systems. In recent months, it is not uncommon for PC manufacturers to market Vista systems with 3 GB of RAM. The emergence of 64-bit architecture has also likely played a role in the increase of average RAM.

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    PC Pitstop PC Information Results

    Our September 2007 survey polled the folks visiting the PC Pitstop web site to determine just how intimate people are with their PCs. Nine out of ten people surveyed indicated that they knew the manufacturer of their PC, the size of their hard drives and how much RAM is installed. Almost as many indicated that they remember the model number of their PC and who manufactured the CPU. No surprises there. These are the common attributes that PC marketers highlight in their ads and that most people look for when buying a PC.

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    US State Technology Metrics – Quartile Rankings

    How does your state rank in general PC technology? We analyzed several technology metrics for folks running the PC Pitstop online tests and ranked the states based on our findings. Surprisingly, no one state or region clearly dominated all the metrics we reviewed. Delaware appears to have surfaced towards the top of the rankings while the states of Missouri, Iowa, Arkansas and Ohio generally ranked lowest.

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    About RAM: The Poor Man’s Upgrade

    Out to boost your PC’s performance? Of all the upgrades you can make to your system, increasing your RAM is one of the easiest, most cost-effective and most noticeable upgrades you can make. And even if your system is already a screamer, more RAM always comes in handy—especially for intensive gaming or graphics and multimedia work–and it’s a solid investment for the future of your PC.

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