Mexico’s Pemex Oil Struck with Ransomware

Hackers Ask for $5 Million in Bitcoin Mexico’s Pemex oil has been struggling to keep it’s credit rating from dropping while it battles declining oil production and paying down heavy debts. In the midst of this turmoil, it was struck this week with a ransomware attack. The hackers gave a “discount period” to the company, […]

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Ransomware Epidemic Worldwide

Johannesburg Suffers Yet Another Ransomware Attack A second ransomware attack has left the town of Johannesburg, South Africa scrambling again. The website and essential digital services have been suspended while the city deals with the breach. Hackers claimed, “We have dozens of backdoors inside your city. We have control of everything…” This includes personal population […]

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Ransomware Forces Brookside Medical Clinic To Close Its Doors

Midwestern Clinic Shuts Down After Ransomware Attack In March, ransomware corrupted Brookside Medical Center, located in Battle Creek, Michigan. After paralyzing the clinic by encrypting all of their patient files, the clinic’s partners reached out to FBI officials. The FBI encouraged the clinic not to pay the $6,500 in ransom demands for two reasons. First, […]

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Lake City, Florida Becomes Latest Ransomware Victim

The City of Lake City Became Riddled with Ransomware Update: The city has confirmed, they have paid the $460,000 ransom demand in an attempt to restore their email systems that have been down for over two weeks. This week has been a tough one for public municipalities in the war against ransomware. Earlier this week, […]

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Cable Car System Rendered Useless Due to Ransomware Attack

Ransomware Attack Takes Out Moscow’s Cable Car System Mere days after Moscow opened their first cable car system, it was shut down due to a ransomware infection.  The cyber attack rendered the cable car network useless after successfully installing ransomware on the computer in charge of operating the system.  This left Russian citizens frustrated, as […]

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Major American Medical Facility, LabCorp, Riddled with Ransomware

LabCorp Suffers From Cyber Attack A suspected ransomware attack hit America’s medical lab facility, LabCorp, the weekend of July 14, 2018.  Suspicious activity was detected on the company’s diagnostic systems.  The ransomware variant has been disclosed as SamSam.  This is the same variant that took down the City of Atlanta and Colorado’s Department of Transportation.  […]

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Atlanta’s Ransomware Attack Costs Continue to Increase

The City of Atlanta’s Ransomware Attack Costs Keep Growing On March 22nd, PC Pitstop shared the story of the SamSam ransomware attack that took down the City of Atlanta.  It took almost a week, before the city’s offices were able to turn on their computers, and now, almost three months later, the infection is still […]

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Idaho School District Struggles to Recover Weeks Post Infection

Six Weeks After Ransomware Attack, Idaho School District Still Struggling… Jerome School District, located in Jerome, Idaho, is still struggling to get their systems fully functional, six weeks after a ransomware infection.  After successfully encrypting the district’s files on December 11, 2017, the cyber criminals demanded bitcoin to decrypt, or unlock, the files.  At that […]

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Ransomware Infects New Mexico City Office

Ransomware Attack Targets New Mexico City Office On January 3, 2018, the ransomware variant, SamSam, infected the city offices of Farmington, New Mexico.  The ransomware infection successfully encrypted multiple areas of the city office including the electronic bill pay and records processing.  Although, the infection did not impact utility operations and the city office has […]

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Indiana Hospital Resorts to Paper Filing After Ransomware Takes Down Systems

Update, 1/16/2018: Hancock Regional Hospital ended up paying the ransom demand of $55,000.  Officials are still reporting patient data was not breached.  Officials did report the 1,400 files that were ecrypted were backed up, and could have been replaced.  Although, they believed it would be more cost effective to pay the ransom demands to regain […]

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Colorado Medical Practice Suffers Ransomware and Potential Breach

Longs Peak Family Practice in Colorado Suffers Cyber Attacks Longs Peak Family Practice in Longmont, Colorado suffered a ransomware attack in early November.  According to their public statement, the facility did not pay the ransom.  Instead they were able to remediate the encrypted files using backups.  A few days after the ransomware attack, the IT […]

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Ransomware Attacks Denver Metro Area

City’s Internal Systems Taken Offline After Cyber Attack The City of Englewood, a metropolitan area of the Denver-Aurora Colorado area, was hit with ransomware on October 3rd.  Once officials determined the systems had been compromised, they were taken offline in an attempt to prevent the ransomware from spreading.  The infection impacted all of the city’s […]

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128K Patients Potentially Impacted After Ransomware Hit

Arkansas Medical Facility Faces Potential Breach After Ransomware Attack An estimated 128,000 patient files may have been compromised as a result of being the victim of a ransomware hit.  In July, the Arkansas Oral Facial Surgery Center in Fayetteville was struck with ransomware.  Although the malicious attack was identified promptly, there were still patient files, x-ray […]

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Hackers Demand $19K After Infecting California School District

San Ysidro School District Suffers Ransomware Attack On September 16th, San Ysidro School District of California was hit with a ransomware attack.  The ransomware impacted emails from August through the middle of September, as well as select computer files.  After encryption, an automated message was sent to the district demanding $19,000 to restore the emails […]

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Ransomware Attack Creates Breach Concern for SD Medical Facility

Aftermath of South Dakota Medical Facility Ransomware Attack In February of 2017,  Plastic Surgery Associates of South Dakota was hit with a ransomware attack.  The malware left medical records encrypted, completely unavailable to staff.  The medical facility reached out to third-party investigators for assistance.  However, in April, all evidence was lost.  Therefore, it is unclear […]

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Ransomware Attack Leads Hospitals to Suspend Emails

Unknown Ransomware Variant Infiltrates University College London The University College London (UCL) was hit with a ransomware attack yesterday afternoon.  After the UCL shared their systems had been infected, concerns were raised that another global ransomware attack, similar to WannaCry, was on its way.  Due to the strong ties between the UCL and the University […]

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Greenway Health Struggles to Recover After Ransomware Hit

Ransomware, the malicious software that locks files until a payment demand is made, has recently hit Greenway Health, located in Carrollton, Georgia.  Greenway Health is an electronic health records vendor.  Total, they serve over 75,000 different healthcare facilities. The ransomware strike occurred last week; however, some of the Greenway Health users are still unable to […]

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