Over Half of Company Execs Are Paying Hacker’s Ransom Demands

A Majority of Executives are Paying Hackers According to Bitcoinist, a new study has been conducted regarding ransomware attacks and the tendency of those hackers of getting paid.  Merrill Research surveyed 232 executives worldwide, and 69% said their company faced a ransom attack in the past year.  This is a significant jump, considering only 14% of […]

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Fake Crytpo-Currency, Ransomware & Malware in One Attack

New “Get Rich Quick” Scheme Leads to Ransomware A new scam is luring people into downloading ransomware.  The scheme is targeting crypto-wallet users, and could also be spreading through phishing attacks.  The scam is encouraging users to download a new form of crypto-currency that is bound to make them buku bucks.  The fake crypto-currency, SpriteCoin, […]

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Ransomware Damage Costs Projected at $11.5B in 2019

Ransomware Damages Projected to Skyrocket With 2017 coming to an end, the final ransomware damages are being released.  This year alone, ransomware damages are projected to total $5 billion.  This includes not only the ransom demands paid, but also the company downtime, remediation efforts, loss in productivity, investigation costs and reputation damages.  One would almost […]

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Greenway Health Struggles to Recover After Ransomware Hit

Ransomware, the malicious software that locks files until a payment demand is made, has recently hit Greenway Health, located in Carrollton, Georgia.  Greenway Health is an electronic health records vendor.  Total, they serve over 75,000 different healthcare facilities. The ransomware strike occurred last week; however, some of the Greenway Health users are still unable to […]

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