PC Pitstop Newsletter – November 2010

  • How Good is Online Backup?
  • The Danger of Registry Cleaners
  • Keep Your PC Safe Online
  • When PC Clean Up Goes Bad
  • Avoid Corrupt File Messages
  • McAfee Problems
  • The Free Satellite TV on PC Scam
  • Switching Browers
  • Please ‘Like’ Us on Facebook
  • Malware Minute-Search Posion
  • Tip 1 – Windows Parental Controls
  • Tip 2 – Caps Lock Warning
  • Tip 3 – Guide to Proper Case Airflow
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    Bits from Bill Pytlovany: Beware over ambitious clean up programs

    bill p

    By Bill Pytlovany

    Last month I wrote about problems caused by the security company McAfee. An update from McAfee falsely accused my WinPatrol program of being a dangerous Trojan. A slow response from McAfee cost some business but mostly hurt our reputation for over a week.  I’ve had a number of people ask me how things were going since this annoying experience.

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    Should I use a Registry Cleaner?

    By Steve Hogan

    One question I see over and over in our forums and even in our Customer Service department is, “What’s the best registry cleaner ” or “Is it safe to use a registry cleaner”. You’ll find almost as many answers to this question as there are geeks in a Starbucks. Look inside to find what works best.

    Dont buy snake oil.

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