Samsung Galaxy S10 Security Duped By 3D Printed Fingerprint

Reddit User Bypasses Samsung Galaxy’s Fingerprint Security with 3D Imaging The newly-enhanced fingerprint scanner feature in the Samsung Galaxy S10 is not as secure as the Korean company claims it to be.  Recently, a Reddit user who goes by darkshark9, found the scanner could be tricked into unlocking the device with the help of a […]

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Another Facebook-Owned Company Suffers Security Breach

Security Gap Found in Facebook-Owned Company Instagram, a social media company owned by Facebook, recently implemented a tool in their platform allowing users to download a copy of all the data Instagram has stored in their account, including pictures, account profile information, and comments.  This feature was deployed in an attempt to accommodate the upcoming […]

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Microsoft Scrambles to Patch Windows Defender Vulnerability

Microsoft Security Programs Compromised Due to Security Gap New reports confirmed Microsoft’s security programs, including Windows Defender, are suffering from a major security vulnerability.  The security gap found is within the Microsoft Malware Protection Engine (MMPE), and if it goes unpatched, will allow hackers to do significant damage.  In order for the vulnerability to be exploited, […]

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Security Gaps Found in Billions of Processors

Security Gap Deemed Meltdown Exposed Intel has recently reported a major security gap lying deep within the kernel.  The kernel lies deep within the operating system, and manages operations between the computer and the hardware.  The security gap, deemed Meltdown, allows for programs and applications to communicate with one another through the kernel.  Typically, this […]

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Security Gap Found in Hundreds of HP Laptops

Security Hole Found in Popular Software Used in Hundreds of HP PCs According to the Business Insider, a security researcher recently found a security vulnerability within the Synaptics software that controls keyboard and trackpad inputs on hundreds HP laptop models. The security gap, is the keylogger function within the Synaptics software.  The technology can be misused […]

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Microsoft Patched “Crazy Bad” Hole in Their Security Solutions

Microsoft Patched Security Gap in 48 Hours A massive hole was recently found in Microsoft’s malware detection engine, allowing specially crafted files to execute.  This engine is used in Windows Defender, as well as six additional Microsoft security solutions for both home and business users.  According to PC World the list of compromised security solutions […]

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McDonald’s Security Gap Leads to Exposing Users Personal Information

If you have ever been to McDonald’s website, you have probably noticed the immediate pop-up asking for you to “subscribe” to their emails.  Now if you’re anything like me, you fill it out because it is, more often than not, followed with a coupon.  Or maybe you don’t.  Regardless, this is a perfect reason why subscribing […]

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