Crisis in Japan – Help List

All of us are focused on the horrible tragedy unfolding in Japan as a result of the recent 9.0 earth quake and crushing tsunami. Descriptions fall short. We feel the sadness and try to deal with these feelings as we watch the Japanese people struggle through this time. Although we are removed, being human in combination with todays technology, insures that we are emotionally involved.

Check on curent weather conditions, make donations, find missing friends and family.

PC Matic Community Chat

PC Matic just keeps getting better. PC Matic now has Chat to provide users with a feature rich chat experience not found in other programs.

It won’t end here. Behind the scenes we’re working at a feverish pace to provide you the absolute best software on the market.

When you buy PC Matic you are getting inovations and features found no where else.

Wait till you see what’s next!

PickPocket Biggest Cyber Threat for 2011

STOP! THIEF! Grab him, he’s got his hand in your pocket right now.

The convenience of banking from your pocket is hard to beat, but be aware of new thieves and new methods.

PC Matic Used to Recover Stolen Laptops

The figures are staggering. Close to 1 million laptops stolen each year. More than 12,000 laptops are left in airports each year. Our, always on, mobile lifestyle is causing those figures to skyrocket.

Loosing a device costing close to $2,000.00 can be a jolting experience, but the loss of data and identity can be devastating, even life changing. 97% are never recovered.

Recover your laptop or netbook now, with PC Matic.

Chris Pirillo: The Best & Worst Web Hosting Service


By Chris Pirillo

I’ve been through a lot of different web hosting companies in my days online. I’ve struggled with uptime issues. I’ve dealt with poor customer service. I’ve had to wind my way through the maze of service problems and back again on more occasions than I would like to count. Each company I’ve worked with has had their strong points – and their weaknesses.

McAfee BlueScreen Nightmare

Sometimes going with the Big Name isn’t a good choice.

McAfee’s recent update has botched hundreds of thousands of computers with a false positive reading of perfectly legit Windows files. Take a look inside for some interesting links and information.

XP Service Pack 3 – Adoption Rates Could be Worse


Since its release in early May 2008, there has been plenty of press concerning the issues with Microsoft’s XP Service Pack 3. Common sense would tell us that such negative press would drastically slow the rate that folks would update to the release. PC Pitstop analyzed the percentage of XP users that have updated their systems to SP3 during the first three months since its release and compared them to the adoption rates of SP2 during its roll out.

PC Pitstop Pushes PC Administration Into OverDrive With New Self-Service Support Service

PC Pitstop Pushes PC Administration Into OverDrive With New Self-Service Support Service

Sioux City, IA – X, 2008 – PC Pitstop, the undisputed leader in PC diagnostics and support with over 100 Million PC performance tests and counting, has released its newest service for general availability, OverDrive. With just a few clicks, PC Pitstop’s newly overhauled OverDrive service offers a simple scan using Internet Explorer (IE) or the IE tab in Firefox web browsers to provide a full PC Configuration report in under five minutes. The scan evaluates system performance, security, software, drivers, application versioning, system conflicts and other key information and delivers a report for a full system tune-up.

Windows SP3: The Long Journey


Fact and Fable

Unlike a lot of sequels, Windows XP SP3 is better than the original. Any day now the official release is due to hit the streets. Rumors of 10% performance increases crowd my Googled results. My mind travels to increased scores for benchmarks. Microsoft’s favored son is rising to the position of SUPER HERO. “WINDOWS XP CONQUERS….” Oh, sorry, I’ll get back to earth now.

WhenU Awareness, One Year Later

Since March 2004, PC Pitstop has been surveying WhenU users about their installation experience with WhenU products. Our first report on this data was published in April 2004, and it validated our anecdotal experience that very few users knowingly consent to installing WhenU.

November 2004 Newsletter

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October 2004 Newsletter

PC Pitstop Optimize – Our First Product
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Dell Recalls Millions of Power Supplies
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