PC Pitstop Newsletter – September 2010

  • PC Matic Update
  • Let Your PC Put $ in Your Pocket
  • Forget the DVD & Save
  • How to Maximize Battery Life
  • Free Internet Faxing
  • Do You Use Dropbox?
  • Real Threats to Mobile Privacy
  • 2 Monitors, Why Not 3
  • Review: Droid 2
  • CellPhone/SmartPhone Survey
  • Tekzilla Tip- Online Price Tracking
  • Tip 1 – Amazon Discount Tool
  • Tip 2 – eBay Power Tool
  • Tip 3 – Win 7 Power Boot Option
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    Ask Leo: How do I maximize my battery life?


    By Leo Notenboom

    When I first got my laptop (8 mos. ago) my battery life was about 2 hours 45. Now after daily use (mostly with plug but using battery as well) it is down to 1.5 hrs which is basically useless. I have tried draining totally recharging etc and still only 1.5 hours. SO I am buying a new one. My question is how do I make my battery keep its charge so I can have it when I need it?

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