Chris Pirillo Video: Skype Phone


There are hundreds – if not thousands – of services that allow you to chat in real time. The one that tends to rule the roost is Skype. Nearly everyone seems to have a Skype account these days. Let’s say you have a Skype account, but you’re traveling. Yet, you still want to get ahold of your contacts without having to pay a lot of money to do so. What you need is a device that allows you to access your Skype account over Wi-Fi, instead of using a computer!

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PC Pitstop – Working in a Virtual World


Hello from Rio de Janeiro Brazil. I ran into an old friend on Ipanema beach and he asked me how we do it. In case anyone was wondering, PC Pitstop is a virtual company. Our company is comprised of 15 full time employees, 2 part time employees, and 2 contract employees, all run in a virtual manner from our homes. The answer to my buddy’s question is two basic things. Communication and technology. Or perhaps, better put, technology that enables communication. These are the key technologies that are the glue that keeps us running as a cohesive company.

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