Techlicious: 5 Ways to Manage Your Home with a Smartphone


My smartphone is my Swiss Army knife. I use it for a hundred different things—making calls, playing videos and games, taking photos, and controlling my TV. Now, a slew of new products are letting me use my smartphone to control the very house I live in. There’s not yet an app that will let me order up “Tea. Earl grey. Hot.” a la Captain Picard on Star Trek, but we’re getting close.

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Bits from Bill Pytlovany: DroidPatrol Provides PLUS Info for only $1.99

bill p

Two years ago when I first started to use my Motorola Droid I knew immediately the Android operating system had a future. Dreams of a future product made me register the domain “”. Today, the first step in this dream comes true. Anyone with an Android device can go to the Google market and purchase the first release of “DroidPatrol”.

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The PC Is Far From Dead

First the iPhone comes out as the first of a slew of smart phones, and many pundits and industry observers forecasted the death of the PC. Now there is a tablet tsunami, and the entire world is in a frenzy about the ultimate demise of our great friend and companion, the trusty computer. Well, the death of the PC is greatly exaggerated. Worse yet, for some reason, the exageration seems to be willful and intentional. What do they have against the good old PC anyhow? I have no idea, but let me debunk this nonsense.

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