Hackers Attempt to Sell Details from 120M Facebook Accounts

Facebook Account Details for Sale on Dark Web – But Facebook Denies Breach Hold on…if account details are for sale, who else could have leaked them other than Facebook?  Considering how interconnected everything is, it’s entirely possible a third-party application suffered a breach or even a browser extension.  The exact route that leaked the data remains unknown, but the […]

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Stop Facebook from Using Your Name and Photos in Ads

stop facebook from using your name and photos in ads

Every once in a while, you get to hear the rumor on Facebook that Facebook Will Start Using Your Photos in Ads on Friday. Well, to be honest. its just that and nothing more. No such thing is happening anytime soon.
But it is nevertheless a good idea to NOT get caught unawares – as there is an element of truth somewhere in that message.

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Techlicious: Facebook’s Biggest Privacy Threat May Be You

facebook's biggest privacy threat

There have been numerous stories circulating about how Facebook and other social media websites invade our privacy, selling our personal information to advertisers who in turn target us in our own personal spaces online. But the truth is, many privacy risks lie much closer to home. In fact, two of the biggest live in your home—you and your spouse.

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