How to Edit Your Facebook Post Privacy

The social media giant that connects us all Facebook is undeniably part of our culture now. While Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and multiple other social media platforms are booming, Facebook seems to be the big brother of the group. Almost everyone is using the platform. There are plenty of articles out there on how to check […]

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Chris Pirillo: Can Google+ Beat Facebook?


Can Google+ beat Facebook? That’s the question I’ve been asked again and again as early adopters are beginning to understand what Google+ has to offer its users. A full analysis of its potential won’t be possible for some time, as features are just not beginning to really take form and bugs are being worked out. In order to “beat” Facebook, Google+ would have to have a larger user base using it as their primary social network. That’s a tall order, considering Facebook’s 750 million users. The fact is, Google+ has the potential of “beating” Facebook, if they concentrate on a few key points moving forward.

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