PC Pitstop January 2009 Newsletter #2

  • World’s Best Free Software
  • Ask the Pros – RAID Arrays
  • Fastest Laptop in the World
  • Is Memory Load Killing Your PC?
  • Is Your Data Lost at Sea(gate)?
  • Bits from Bill: Whats New in Windows 7 Security
  • Techbite: Help is on the Way
  • Technologizer: A Retro Unboxing with Atari
  • PC Trends – Newspapers Near Extinction
  • PC Trends – Use of Free Software Takes Off
  • Tech Tips – Avoid Pointless Software
  • Tech Tips – A 360 Degree Windows Desktop
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    World Portable Rank Added to OverDrive


    January 14th, 2009 marks an important upgrade to the PC Pitstop OverDrive scan. “World Portable Rank” is now a standard feature of our well known System Analysis Software. Untill now all computers were included in one group to compare rankings and performance. Thanks to Lyle, Sandy, and Kevin, it’s possible to see how your portable stacks up against other portables using this newly created class, No more comparing your 3 lb. ultra-light to my 56 pound gaming box or someones 6 drive RAID array.

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    PC Pitstop OverDrive – New and Improved


    PC Pitstop is always striving to improve Overdrive and maintain our dominant position as the worlds best Free System Analysis Software. With almost 200 million tests in it’s database, Overdrive gives you a depth of analysis and suggested fixes found nowhere else.

    Today we are proud to announce even more functionality has been added to help keep your system safe and fast. Just click the [SCAN NOW] button and see what’s really taking place on your computer.

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    Software is Wasting Your Cores

    Back in February, Steve Hogan made the case for getting a multi-core system. Rob Cheng’s experience shows that dual-core systems aren’t always faster though. It’s possible for a multi-core system to outperform a single-core system, but you’re not likely to see a desktop operating system or many applications that can take advantage of it. There are good reasons for that problem, and they aren’t going away any time soon.

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    100 Million PC Pitstop Tests & Counting

    *On January 21 2008, David T. Stone of Seattle, Washington was updating and testing a beta video driver for one of his many computers. Continuing his habit of quite a few years, he went to the PC Pitstop Full Test to check the results. No bells, no flashing lights, but that test was the 100 Millionth PC Pitstop Test run since our inception on March 3rd of 2000.

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    DVD Copying Tools Software Trends

    The PC has provided the ability for users to make, edit and copy of all types of digital information. PC Pitstop Research took a look at the prevalence of DVD decryption and ripping software found on the PCs running the analytical tests on our website. This type of software makes it possible for a PC user to decrypt and rip a DVD movie onto their hard drive or other digital media. A search of the Internet for DVD coping software reveals a variety of both freeware and commercial applications that a user can use to create backups of their DVD movies. Approximately 15% of the PCs visiting our web site have at least one of the DVD decryption and ripping applications installed.

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    Market Research Video: Software Stocks

    The PC Pitstop Market Research team is pleased to share this exclusive report detailing key trends related to publicly traded software companies. From anti-virus leaders like Symantec in a free fall of market share to the emergence of a new player in the Microsoft dominated office productivity space, this analysis uncovers some very intriguing shifts in the industry. View the video below to learn more.

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    I was born in 1959, which puts me at the tail end of a trend called the Baby Boom. I’m a Baby Boomer. I remember long hair, Jimi Hendrix, LSD, bell bottoms, and Kent State as a rebellious youth. Maturity and greed replaced our wayward spirit; and with it came junk bonds, the personal computer, compact discs, IRA’s and the internet. We, Baby Boomers, have impacted, changed, and molded American society like no other generation before or after. Until now.

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    Fixing Security in Windows

    It’s no secret that Windows has security holes so large you can drive a truck through them. My last article analyzed the difficulty Microsoft faces with Vista in winning acceptance of an improved security model. But this of course begs the question, what can Microsoft do to make a more secure computing environment for us all? Even if Microsoft is one of the most profitable companies run by the richest man in the world, I hope they can take a little constructive criticism.

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