Night of the Living Floppy

Night of the Living Dead… Dead Man Walking… Who want’s a little floppy?… Yes, it’s a sad day when something this comical comes to an end. We’ll miss you little floppy. You’ve been replaced by bigger, faster, longer, stronger. Thanks for the memories and the noise.

Sony has announced that they will no longer produce the outdated storage medium as of March 6th, 2011 or before if sales continue to drop.

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Technologizer: Microsoft Does Tablets. Yes, Again


By Harry McCracken

Gizmodo is reporting on what it says is Microsoft’s prototype for a new sort of tablet computer – one with dual screens bound up like a book, and an interface that involves both multi-touch (like an iPhone) and a stylus (like a Tablet PC). It’s supposedly code-named Courier, and Gizmodo has a video walkthrough–which is done in animation, so this could be a concept rather than a product that’ll ever be available for sale.

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