Should I use a Registry Cleaner?

By Steve Hogan

One question I see over and over in our forums and even in our Customer Service department is, “What’s the best registry cleaner ” or “Is it safe to use a registry cleaner”. You’ll find almost as many answers to this question as there are geeks in a Starbucks. Look inside to find what works best.

Dont buy snake oil.

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Ask Leo: How should I stay connected while traveling?


By Leo Notenboom

In a recent podcast about mobile
, I briefly reflected on some of the options available to the
wired traveler. That podcast was, itself, an example of how I stay connected
while traveling since it was recorded, written, and posted from my RV in a
state park many miles from my home.

Let’s look at it in a little more detail.

Mobile connectivity has improved dramatically in recent years. I’ll cover the big options for the traveling internet user.

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TechBite: Adios USB 2.0–Hello USB 3.0


By Steve Bass

It’s not like I have anywhere important to go to, but I still hate to wait. That’s why I’m enjoying USB 3.0.

Let’s get the numbers out of the way; then I’ll talk practicalities.

USB specs are inflated… they always are. USB 2.0 is rated at 480 Mbit/s (about 57MB/s) while USB 3.0 is 4.8 Gbit/s (572 MB/s). In the real world, the only users getting these speeds are the marketing people who dreamed up the specs. On my PC, USB 2.0 moved files at 25MB/s and USB 3.0 can get up to 55MB/s.

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Windows 7…32 Bit or 64 Bit?


The October 22nd, WINDOWS 7, release date has come and gone. Now a lot of us are getting ready to purchase and install the latest operating system from Microsoft.

So name your poison. Do you want the old tired and slow 32 bit or the Brand New, SUPER FAST, Cutting Edge, 64 Bit Version? Don’t want to be pushy, it’s up to you.

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Back to School Computer Shopping Guide


I was at a party, and more than one person asked me for advice buying a new computer. Here’s what I told them and I thought I would share.

Are you sure you need a new computer? This is not popular advice, but I honestly believe that most people don’t need a new computer. The main reason people purchase a new computer is because the old one is slow. The first question is whether they might want to save the money and get the old one running faster. It’s not just the money. You usually lose a day getting the new computer running like you want with all of your files moved to the new one.

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Restaurants YES! Processor NO!


Intel introduces new rating system. How simple it was when all you needed was a processors family name and clock speed. Getting the fastest was just a matter of buying the most recent architecture with the highest clock speed. The battle between AMD and Intel was only a matter of watching for the next highest clocked processor.

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Ask the Pros Vol.2 2009 RAID


Thank you for the huge number of questions sent to:

Ask The Pros

We’ve had an overwhelming response and we’re doing our best to read each and every one. I sincerely wish we could answer your questions directly but the numbers make that impossible. I’ll continue to select those that occur most often. Keep them coming, and don’t be afraid to submit more than once.

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PC Pitstop PC Information Results

Our September 2007 survey polled the folks visiting the PC Pitstop web site to determine just how intimate people are with their PCs. Nine out of ten people surveyed indicated that they knew the manufacturer of their PC, the size of their hard drives and how much RAM is installed. Almost as many indicated that they remember the model number of their PC and who manufactured the CPU. No surprises there. These are the common attributes that PC marketers highlight in their ads and that most people look for when buying a PC.

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CPU Clock Speeds

The processor clock speed is only one of several factors that will ultimately determine the productivity of a given computer system. The micro architecture of the CPU itself, the number of instructions per clock cycle, the speed of the disk storage system, the design of the software in use, etc, will all play a contributing role. But raising the clock speed of the CPU has traditionally been one sure way to get more work done in the same amount of time.

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PC Pitstop Vista Survey Results

The results of our February and March 2007 Vista Survey are in. Our initial analysis of the survey data is found below.

In summary, the results of our survey are generally not good news for Microsoft. While Microsoft’s ‘The “Wow” starts now’ tag line for Vista marketing focuses attention to its visual and graphic capabilities, the software giant appears to have under-estimated the importance of marketing the more tangible benefits that PC users want or expect. Our survey results indicate a significant amount of uncertainty or confusion by PC users as to the benefits of upgrading to Vista.

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The Need for Speed

Hello, my name’s Rob and I’m a speedaholic. I am addicted to bandwith. The fatter and faster my pipe to the internet, the better I feel about myself. Me and my internet connection are inextricably linked at the hip for better and worse. As soon as my bandwidth provider has a higher speed, I am always among the first to purchase the faster service. Right now, I have 8000 kbps in the United States and 2000 kbps in Brazil. But the future is even more exciting! One day soon we will be downloading at 50,000 kbps.

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