Solid-State Drives (SSD) Continue to Gain Popularity

The rotating platter hard disk drives (HDD) have been around since the early days of PCs.  Technology improvements are allowing for the improvement of speeds and capacity.  Basically the HDD technology involves a armature that moves across the surface of the platter.  Using magnetism, the drive head reads and writes information to the disk.  SSD […]

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Windows Observer: Using a SSD As Your OS Drive in Windows 7


Solid State Drives (SSD) have become reasonable in regards to cost and more people are looking at them for everyday use on their PC’s. This article shows you how to use an SSD as the boot drive for Windows 7 and then have a SATA II standard hard drive as a storage location for your documents, videos, pictures, downloads, etc. on it to save space on the SSD.

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Chris Pirillo: SSD vs Traditional Hard Drives


By Chris Pirillo

Over on our popular questions and answers site, bcgocubs asked how a computer will benefit when using an SSD. Also, they would like to know what everyone’s general opinions are regarding solid state drives vs traditional hard drives. A traditional hard drive has moving parts, but is quite inexpensive compared to an SSD. The solid-state drive is just that: suspended in a solid state with no moving parts. It may be more expensive to buy one of these, but many people are starting to believe that they are much better for your computer. What are your thoughts?

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Death To The Desktop


Strewn across the floor and stacked in my closet are 100’s of lifeless parts. Processors, cords, connectors and fans, dead and lifeless now, they were once proud warriors of the desktop era. Striving to be faster in a technical world consumed by speed, I greeted new processors and motherboards like a lion greets wildebeasts. Today those dark ages are gone, replaced by the Renaissance of Mobility, or as the techies would say, “let me grab my portable”.

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