Hit With a Scam? Here’s What to do Next…

Never Ending Support Scam Window There you are, surfing the web and BOOM.  You get the dreaded support scam scheme.  Some may know what I’m referencing, some may not.  For those who are unfamiliar, it is the pop up screen stating you must call “customer service” for technical support to get your computer “fixed”.  However, […]

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Pennsylvania Police Intervene With Support Scam

Officer Assists Local Resident with Phone Scam South Lebanon Township Police Department, in Pennsylvania, was able to help a local resident avoid becoming the next victim of a support scam.  The resident originally contacted the police department, afraid he was the victim of a ransomware attack.  When the police department arrived, the individual had allowed “tech […]

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Fake Adobe Update Leads to Support Scam With Ransomware Ties

Support Scam With Ransomware Ties Another support scam has evolved, tying in the concept of ransomware to increase their payday.  The malicious attack occurs after the user chooses to download a fake Adobe update, or clicks on a malicious ad.  Upon doing so, the computer will begin executing a malicious “update”, which results in the […]

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