June 2008 Newsletter

*More Problems with Windows XP SP3
*Introducing PC Pitstop Process Library
*The Battle of the Sexes
*Pitcrew Live Support
*Bits from Bill: Is Vista Really More Secure?
*Craplets & Bloatware Survey Results
*Windows XP SP3 Survey Results
*PC Pitstop – CPU Trends
*Tip #1: Bootskins
*Tip #2: Hard Drive Help
*Tip #3: Gmail Tips

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Printer Survey Results December 2007

The initial analysis of our December 2007 Printer Survey results.

Novice Users

54.8%…All in One Inkjet
4.3%…All in One Laser

Intermediate Users

47.5%…All in One Inkjet
3.9%…All in One Laser

The typical inkjet printer owner spends about $80 annually in the $30 billion dollar a year ink-jet cartridge market. (Lyra Research)

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PC Pitstop Online Video Survey Results

The PC Pitstop June 2007 survey took a look at how people are adapting to and using online video. Improvements in technologies and bandwidth have opened up a whole new way for how information is being shared and accessed on the internet. 40% of the folks that answered our survey indicate that they are frequently watching online news videos. Web sites such as YouTube.com and MySpace.come are basically allowing anyone, with a PC and the desire, to make and share their online videos with the world.

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PC Pitstop Vista Survey Results

The results of our February and March 2007 Vista Survey are in. Our initial analysis of the survey data is found below.

In summary, the results of our survey are generally not good news for Microsoft. While Microsoft’s ‘The “Wow” starts now’ tag line for Vista marketing focuses attention to its visual and graphic capabilities, the software giant appears to have under-estimated the importance of marketing the more tangible benefits that PC users want or expect. Our survey results indicate a significant amount of uncertainty or confusion by PC users as to the benefits of upgrading to Vista.

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