Techlicious: Facebook’s Biggest Privacy Threat May Be You

facebook's biggest privacy threat

There have been numerous stories circulating about how Facebook and other social media websites invade our privacy, selling our personal information to advertisers who in turn target us in our own personal spaces online. But the truth is, many privacy risks lie much closer to home. In fact, two of the biggest live in your home—you and your spouse.

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Techlicious: 5 Ways to Manage Your Home with a Smartphone


My smartphone is my Swiss Army knife. I use it for a hundred different things—making calls, playing videos and games, taking photos, and controlling my TV. Now, a slew of new products are letting me use my smartphone to control the very house I live in. There’s not yet an app that will let me order up “Tea. Earl grey. Hot.” a la Captain Picard on Star Trek, but we’re getting close.

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