The Gateway Blues

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been working hard at PC Pitstop trying to get out our new products. I love this challenge, but my work flow has suffered a major interruption. Acer is buying Gateway, and I received 10, count ’em, 10, emails, asking for my thoughts. Rather than respond to all 10 emails, it is a far more efficient use of my time to write a blog.

How does this make me feel? Two basic and extremely visceral feelings, mad and sad.

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Spyware Podcast

Here’s a special shoutout to all the Pitstoppers in the Louisiana delta area. Our prayers and heart felt concerns are with you as you go through this incredible disaster. It is times like these when we truly realize how powerless we are to bend this world to our own human desires. I am sure that I am not alone, as I watched hour after hour of television, of the slow developing tragedy developing down in the bayou. The entire world felt the pain down south, but there was little that any of us could do but watch the events unfold.

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