PC Pitstop Newsletter – March 2011 #2

    Will PCs Ever Be Bug Free?
    Internet Thugs Enforce Copyright
    Malware with your Easter Cards
    Fixing a Windows 7 Blue Screen
    Make the Most of Win 7 Libraries
    Great Wastes of Time
    iPad vs iPad2
    No Need to Teach Cursive
    A Better Way to Make Free Calls
    Tip 1 – Install Win 7 from a Flash Drive
    Tip 2 – Add Your Fav Software At Once
    Tip 3 – Open Source Presentation Option

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PC Pitstop Newsletter – January 2011 #2

  • *PC Matic–Even More Powerful
  • 10 “Do these first” Win7 Tweaks
  • Another Facebook Scam to Avoid
  • Before You Buy More Memory…
  • Online Backup Not for Everyone
  • Is Windows 7 More Reliable?
  • Great Wastes of Time
  • Why Use the Chrome Browser?
  • CES Wows and Duds
  • Tip 1 – Add The Run Box to Win 7
  • Tip 2 – The Missing Recycle Bin…
  • Tip 3 – Defrag As Admin Speeds Boot
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    Google Chrome OS to be Released Next Week?


    So, have you heard anything about Google’s Chrome Operating System being released next week?

    It’s open source. It’s free. It’s going to have limited drivers available. It has fewer partners than expected. It’s supposed to be quick and lean, designed for today’s computing. First commercial availability will be on netbooks

    I hope it’s as innovative and exciting as Google want’s it to be but, somewhere in the back of my mind I worry about The Cost of Free.

    Grab some speculation here.

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    Technologizer: Firefox 3.5 Review


    By Harry McCracken

    Was it really fewer than five years ago that Firefox 1.0 debuted? Its arrival ended the dismal period in which only one browser–Microsoft’s mediocre Internet Explorer–seemed to be viable. With Firefox, Mozilla proved that millions of people were itching to adopt a better browser. And today, we find ourselves with multiple better browsers: Not just Firefox, but also Google’s minimalist Chrome, Apple’s flashy Safari, the ever-inventive Opera, the highly social Flock, and even the no-longer-calcifying Internet Explorer 8.

    All of which means that Firefox 3.5–which Mozilla plans to formally release today–is no longer a shoo-in for the distinction of being the favorite browser of browser fans.

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    Download Windows 7 RC1 HERE


    Windows 7 RC 1 is available for download today. CLICK HERE to download Windows 7 RC1.

    Want to become a member of TechNet ? You will find information and a link for registering. The release candidate is available in 32 bit, 64 bit and multiple languages.

    This is the Ultimate version and is due to “expire on June 1, 2010, and the bi-hourly shutdowns will begin on March 1, 2010“. I’m still unsure how the bi-hourly shutdown works, but whether twice hourly or once every two hours, I’m sure it will be irritating enough to push those of us using the OS to buy or drop back. As much as I’ve enjoyed the Windows 7 betas, I’m sure I’ll be buying and moving up.

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    PC Pitstop Newsletter March 2009 #2

      Long Live the PC
      Windows 7 Tweaks
      Ask the Pros – Free Security
      Follow Us on Twitter
      Introducing Chris Pirillo
      Bits from Bill: Conflicker April Fool’s Doom
      TechBite: 6 Handy Web Tools
      Technologizer: IE8 Web Slices
      Chris Pirillo Video: How to Open Mysterious Files
      Life Online Survey
      March Madness Contest Standings
      Tip #1: Share Tabs
      Tip #2: Shortcuts to online services
      PC Pitstop Driver Library

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    Botnets, Now What?

    Just when I was becoming accustomed to using spyware removal tools and running the occasional Pitstop virus scan (few people keep their antivirus current these days), something new comes along.

    Have you ever wondered why your machine seems like it’s operating in mud or is just ignoring you? Well that’s probably because it’s operating just fine for someone else. Yep, we’re talking Botnets. Botnets are using your CPU, draining your memory, just waiting to be told what to do by someone making money from your investment. You don’t mind do you?

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