PC Pitstop Newsletter – July 2010

  • How Has PC Pitstop Helped You?
  • 5 Reasons I Hate My iPod
  • Why Don’t I Love My iPad
  • iPad Survey Results
  • Remove Your Anti-Virus Software
  • Ready for Your PC to be Stolen?
  • World’s Coolest Keyboard
  • No to Free Over the Air Reception
  • Tekzilla Tip- Stop the Desktop Distractions
  • Tip 1 – Generate Random Text
  • Tip 2 – Manual Defrag Vista
  • Tip 3 – Add A Picture To A Folder
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    PC Pitstop Newsletter – September 2009 #2

      Ask Leo: Help! My email was hijacked!
      Chris Pirillo Video: How to Improve Internet Explorer
      Bits from Bill: Most Underrated Windows Tweak
      The Race for Your Email
      Technologizer: MSFT Tablet PCs
      TechBite: Making the PC to TV Connection
      The Dodge Retort: Socialnomics ’09 – The Movie
      Tip #1: Learn Windows 7
      Tip #2: 5 Best Online Image Editors
      Tip #3: Down for everyone or just me
      PC Pitstop Driver Library

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    PC Pitstop Newsletter – August 2009 #2

    Back to School Shopping Tip
    Is Firefox Growth Real?
    Do Kids Still Use Computers?
    The Other Browsers
    $100 for 1 Lucky Friend
    Chris Pirillo Video: Can you Put XP on a Vista PC?
    Bits from Bill: Facebook not for Everyone
    Technologizer: XP Users Speak Out
    TechBite: 14 Smart and Free Websites
    The Dodge Retort: Netbooks Don’t Work at Work
    Tip #1: Building Your Own PC
    Tip #2: Identify PC Parts
    Tip #3: Speed Up Menus
    Tip #4: Record What your Hear
    PC Pitstop Driver Library

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    PC Pitstop Newsletter March 2009 #2

      Long Live the PC
      Windows 7 Tweaks
      Ask the Pros – Free Security
      Follow Us on Twitter
      Introducing Chris Pirillo
      Bits from Bill: Conflicker April Fool’s Doom
      TechBite: 6 Handy Web Tools
      Technologizer: IE8 Web Slices
      Chris Pirillo Video: How to Open Mysterious Files
      Life Online Survey
      March Madness Contest Standings
      Tip #1: Share Tabs
      Tip #2: Shortcuts to online services
      PC Pitstop Driver Library

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    PC Pitstop Newsletter February 2009

    February 2009 Newsletter
    *Windows 7 Beta Put to the Test
    *Ask the Pros – Drivers
    *Time to Kick IE8 to the Curb?
    *Billions for Broadband on the Way
    *Bits from Bill: Protection for Win32/Conficker.A
    *TechBite: Cardinal Rules of Email
    *Technologizer: 10 of 10,000 MSFT Patents
    *New Survey – Technology & The Economy
    *Research – Men are Still Smarter
    *Survey Results – PC & Cell Phone Usage
    *Tip #1: Getting Rid Of Thumbs.db Files
    *Tip #2: Little, miscellanies, but powerful
    *Tip #3: Scheduled and Hidden Scheduled Tasks

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    PC Pitstop Newsletter December 2008 #2

    Our Favorite Tips & Tweaks
    Ask the Pros a Tech Question
    PC Pitstop & Fox ’24’
    Optimize in French
    Welcome Harry McCracken
    Bits from Bill: Is Google Still the Best Search?
    TechBite: You’re Paying Too Much!
    Technologizer: Hey, This Looks Pretty Good!
    Firefox Grows Globally
    Warning: Vista SP2 Beta
    Tip #1: Indispensable Firefox Addon
    Tip #2: Picture a Bargain

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    November 2008 Newsletter

  • Ultimate PC Tune Up Guide
  • Fighting Scareware
  • Laptop Fires Trigger New Recalls
  • “Trail of Toxic Waste”
  • Bits from Bill: The Truth Behind Windows 7
  • Election Poll & Survey Results
  • Average Desktop CPU Speed Slows?
  • Survey: Our Digital World
  • Tip #1: Windows Recovery Environment
  • Tip #2: System Restore with No Reboot
  • Tip #3: Favorites & Good Bookmarks
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