Ask The Pros..USB Long Story Short


By Steve Hogan

Carol Asks: I need to buy an external hard drive. I have a USB 2.0 on my Dell computer. All the external drives that I see have a” USB A” or” USB B”. I am unable to actuall go look at the connections and am wondering if they are compatable with my “USB 2.0
Your help would be greatly appreciated.


It’s all in the cord. Without the right cord, what have you got? Nothing, that’s what.

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Ask The Pros Vol.3 2009 Drivers


Getting tried of confusion over drivers? Drivers 101 is included in this edition and it’s going to be a big help to a lot of people. Simple, concise information to remove all those questions and get you on track to understanding drivers.
Ever have problems opening a link in Outlook Express?
Are the BIG BOYS giving you the run around? Let them know what you want and get help before your out of warranty.

Q. Becky asks: I have a HP Pavilion a1700n running Windows Vista Home Premium. After 9 months or so all of the USB ports stopped working. I’ve never even plugged anything into the one on the back of the tower. I’ve tried different flash drives but it doesn’t recognize them. Printers plugged into any USB port do not work. I tried to follow the steps given on

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