Whitelisting 101

Protect you PC

A different approach to protection To understand why whitelist protection is different, you first should know how the blacklist works. Traditional antivirus, blacklist, works by making a list of all the known “bad things” and then blocking them from a computer. This approach means you need multiple layers of protection. Often, you’ll see firewalls, email […]

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Offering and Deploying Superior Protection

As a solution provider, whether it be at a VAR or MSP level, you must ensure you’re not only offering, but actively deploying the best security solution available. This year an MSP’s network was infected with ransomware, leaving not only their files encrypted, but the infection also impacted their clients as well. A hard pill […]

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US-CERT Urges Implementation of Whitelisting to Thwart Russian Attacks

Government Encourages Application Whitelisting to Boost Security On March 15, 2018 the U.S. government made a statement confirming the U.S. power grid had been compromised by the Russians.  Unsettling news, to say the least.  Although, various news outlets have reported no damage was done, and they believe the primary goal was to send a message.  […]

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Additional Details on PC Matic’s Pending Patent

More Information on PC Matic’s Pending Patent We recently wrote a post about our patent pending technologies with PC Matic, and many of you wrote in wanting to know more about it. PC Matic is an endpoint security solution that meets the anti-virus needs of home and enterprise PC users, and was developed in 2009. […]

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44% of Federal Devices Remain Unprotected

Security lock

It’s Crunch Time to Protect Federal Devices A recent study revealed 44% of federal devices are not properly protected against cyber security threats.  As if this isn’t concerning enough, devices are being interconnected more than ever.  Therefore, these unprotected endpoints can serve as a gateway to infect an entire system or network.  To ensure proper […]

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96% of Employees and Businesses Paid Ransom Demands

Majority of Employees Personally Pay Ransom Demands In a survey completed by Intermedia, it was found that a vast majority of employees paid up after being hit with ransomware.  Ransomware is a malicious software that infiltrates devices, servers, and networks which encrypts data.  After encryption a ransom note will be displayed, stating in order to […]

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Traditional Antivirus Solutions Fail 40% of the Time

A recent study found approximately 40% of end users who had a traditional antivirus in place during the first half of this year, experienced a malware attack.  Traditional security solutions include a vast majority of those on the market.  They are software programs that utilize a blacklist technology, which only blocks known malware threats.  Therefore, […]

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Patent Pending Whitelist Technology

PC Pitstop has been using its own application whitelisting technology, in its security solutions PC Matic, PC Matic Pro and PC Matic MSP, since 2011.  The company had applied for a patent on this technology some time ago.  It was this quarter, PC Pitstop learned its patent request is now pending.  The pending patent includes […]

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FormBook Targets U.S. Defense Contractors, Aerospace Firms & Manufacturing Sector

Latest Malware, FormBook, Targeting Major Organizations FormBook, a new malware variant has been targeting aerospace firms, U.S. defense contractors and manufacturing organizations in the U.S. and South Korea.  This latest malware uses an executable that is included as a malicious attachment within phishing campaigns.  Depending on the country being targeting the email attachment varies.  For […]

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How Does Application Whitelisting Help Guard Against Ransomware?

Ransomware – The Looming Threat Throughout the last 18 months, rarely did a day go by a company, school, government agency, or public municipality went without being infected with ransomware.  Since January of 2016, twelve educational institutions publicly announced being hit with ransomware, with ransom payments ranging from $28,000 to $2,900. The success behind ransomware […]

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U.S. Government Wants to Return Malware Back to Sender

Cyber Crime is Skyrocketing – And the U.S. has a New Plan With the increased cyber crime the world is facing today, countries are beginning to look for alternative methods to divert malware attacks.  The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency is doing just that.  In recent reports, there have been talks of rerouting malware attacks back […]

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Infographic: Blacklist Vs. Whitelist with Fileless Malware Detection

Blacklist or Whitelist?  Which Keeps Your Data Safer? Most of the security products on the market rely on a blacklist approach to detect and prevent malware.  But is it effective?  An alternative approach, application whitelisting, is also available.  However, which is better for you?  Follow the infographic below to learn more about the difference between […]

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Misconceptions: PC Matic’s Whitelist

Recently, an article was posted on CIO.com and other IDG outlets, titled “Yes, you still need endpoint malware protection”, questioning the need for end point security. Several publications pointed out that end point security is not needed, due to the operating systems and other components being more secure. However, as we’ve seen in the most […]

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The Application Whitelist — Why it Matters When it Comes to Modern Threats

Fighting Today’s Cyber Security Threats As modern cyber security threats continue to advance, keeping your data safe becomes more and more difficult.  Especially for PC users who choose to keep their data secure by using an outdated anti-virus (AV).  The term outdated means two things.  The software may not be updated in regards to patch […]

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Why Ransomware Continues to Spread

2016 – The Year of Ransomware CIO from IDG recently published an article regarding the upswing our nation has seen in ransomware infections in 2016.  It is without a doubt, 2016 has been the year of ransomware.  However, very little headway has been made to prevent future infections.  It seems the common consensus is to throw […]

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Automated Global Whitelist: Strengthening the Cybersecurity Infrastructure

It’s time we start taking control of our endpoint security with an automated global whitelist… Ransomware has undoubtedly taken the world by storm, demanding organizations to take action on the files locked down by attackers by paying a hefty amount for users’ data to be saved. This year alone, the FBI predicts losses from ransomware […]

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