PC Matic Launches Federal Division, Names (R) Lieutenant Colonel Terrence McGraw President

American cybersecurity firm, PC Matic, announced it is launching a federal division whose mission will be aimed at delivering cyber-threat prevention software to the United States Federal Government Myrtle Beach, SC – PC Matic, American cybersecurity firm, today announced the launch of its new federal services division, PC Matic Federal. The division, the company also […]

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Are your employees working from home? Here’s how to keep your network safe.

COVID-19 has changed the way business operations are taking place in an incredibly short time, and the duration of these changes remains unclear.  However, there is one thing businesses must be cognizant of, and that’s cybersecurity.  There has never been a time in American history when the number of employees working on a remote basis […]

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Ransomware: Week in Review

To say the ransomware crisis facing our nation is concerning is an understatement. Each week, ransomware attacks are claiming victims across the nation, leaving local businesses and county governments at a standstill as IT directors seek to restore operations and secure themselves against future attacks. Aside from this, news develops daily about attacks that occurred […]

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Ransomware Continues to Spread Nationwide As 2019 Comes to a Close


More Ransomware Attacks Spread as American’s Prep for the New Year Over the last two weeks, as Americans were prepping for the holidays, cyber criminals were preparing for vicious cyber attacks. On December 16, 2019, the U.S. Coast Guard issued a Marine Safety Information Bulletin confirming a cyber attack had taken down various parts of […]

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The PC Matic Team Continues to Grow

PC Matic with SuperShield

As we continue to grow, we are filling open positions with the finest American talent we can find.  We have always believed, as a company with 100% remote employees, that we are able to attract the highest-quality applicants that thrive in a non-traditional work environment. All over America, each of our team members works in […]

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Ransomware Continues to Spread, Hitting Non-Profits and Municipalities

Hackers Continue to Spread Ransomware Campaigns Throughout the U.S. Just yesterday news broke of a ransomware attack that hit the town of Edcouch in Texas. Now today another Texas city has confirmed they too have been hit with ransomware. City officials of Laredo have confirmed their city’s networks with riddled with an unknown ransomware variant. […]

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WhatsApp App Infected with Spyware

Hackers Have Corrupted WhatsApp for Surveillance Purposes WhatsApp has begun urging its users to download the latest version of the software after finding spyware within the app. The company was recently targeted by Israeli’s NSO Group, which installed Pegasus, a malware that is often sold to intelligence agencies for audio, video, and SMS surveillance. According […]

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The Importance of Malware Dwell Time

Protect your PC

Recently highlighted in an article on CSO Online by Roger A. Grimes, Malware Dwell Time is an incredibly important way to measure your antivirus software’s effectiveness. Traditional antivirus software functions on a blacklist of known bad software to block and keep your devices secure. However, with the incredible speed that new malware is created today, […]

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Google Advises Windows 7 Users to Update Their Systems ASAP

Chrome Users Exposed to Two Zero-Day Attacks, One of Which Remains Unresolved for Windows 7 Users It should be no secret that Microsoft will be ending their support for the Windows 7 operating system in January of 2020. However, due to the recent exploitation of two zero-day vulnerabilities within the Chrome browser, one of which […]

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