Windows Vista Extended Support Ending Next Month

Hasta la Vista, Windows Vista Microsoft is scheduled to terminate their extended support for their Windows Vista operating system on April 11, 2017.  This means Microsoft will no longer be providing updates or security patches for this operating system.  If you are currently a Vista user, and love the operating platform, you can certainly continue […]

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Vista SP1


Where is it? Everyone’s waiting, let’s hurry along.

Service packs are currently being used by Microsoft as a way of delivering updates to reliability and performance, but Vista marks Microsoft’s effort to reduce the focus on Service Packs. Users are reminded that the current Update Online Service is available and working as a way to immediately deliver improvements and fixes.

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User Account Control in Vista

We’re six months beyond the introduction of Windows Vista. Like it or not, new units are shipping with Vista installed and you’ll search long and hard for a new computer that does not have Vista as it’s operating system.

What feature do I hear the most about when it comes to Vista? User Account Control. ”Once installed just disable it”, that’s the call I hear. Is this a good idea? Is the User Account Control just a big pain in the petuti or a needed feature?

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Vista Trends

Microsoft launched Vista Business in late 2006 and Vista Home in early 2007. Our research shows that in July 2007, Vista was found on 12% of the PCs running the PC Pitstop online tests. Our research also shows that Vista is significantly lagging the historical XP launch ramp by almost 57%. In the six months following the XP launch in 2001, the operating system had grown to be found on over 28% of all PCs. Vista’s prevalence, after six months from its consumer Vista Home launch, sits at 12%.

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PC Pitstop Vista Survey Results

The results of our February and March 2007 Vista Survey are in. Our initial analysis of the survey data is found below.

In summary, the results of our survey are generally not good news for Microsoft. While Microsoft’s ‘The “Wow” starts now’ tag line for Vista marketing focuses attention to its visual and graphic capabilities, the software giant appears to have under-estimated the importance of marketing the more tangible benefits that PC users want or expect. Our survey results indicate a significant amount of uncertainty or confusion by PC users as to the benefits of upgrading to Vista.

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Vista: Not an XP Replacement

We interrupt this blog…

Hi, I’m Dave Methvin, Chief Technology Officer at PC Pitstop. Our CEO, Rob Cheng, is recovering from an accident; we all wish him well on a quick recovery. I’ll be filling in on the Pit Blog until he’s back up to speed.

Back in his June entry, Rob mentioned the outrageously high resource requirements for Microsoft’s successor to Windows XP, named Vista. At the time, Microsoft was recommending 1GB of system memory and 256MB of dedicated video memory. Not long after that, though, the information at Microsoft’s Vista site changed again.

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Vista – RAM Guzzler

In 1985, I remember fondly opening the box to my first PC. It had 768K of memory, a 6 Mhz processor, and a 10 MB hard drive. It was a state of the art, technological marvel. I wrote my master’s thesis in a program called EZ Writer, and I planned my life and balanced my books in Lotus 123. It did everything I wanted it and more. I never thought it was slow, except when I saved to the 5.25 inch floppy.

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