Misconceptions: PC Matic’s Whitelist

Recently, an article was posted on CIO.com and other IDG outlets, titled “Yes, you still need endpoint malware protection”, questioning the need for end point security. Several publications pointed out that end point security is not needed, due to the operating systems and other components being more secure. However, as we’ve seen in the most […]

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The Application Whitelist — Why it Matters When it Comes to Modern Threats

Fighting Today’s Cyber Security Threats As modern cyber security threats continue to advance, keeping your data safe becomes more and more difficult.  Especially for PC users who choose to keep their data secure by using an outdated anti-virus (AV).  The term outdated means two things.  The software may not be updated in regards to patch […]

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Alternative Malware Detection Method Proven Highly Effective

Securing your data from a malware attack, should be your primary priority when it comes to data security.  However, it appears a vast majority of organizations, both large and small, aren’t taking the preventative steps necessary to properly secure their data.  With more businesses, educational institutions, government agencies and non-profits falling victim to malware attacks […]

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Appropriate Defense Against Ransomware is Not Backups

The Today Show featured another piece on cyber security today, this time discussing ransomware.  During which, Tom Costello claimed the best way to protect yourself from a ransomware attack is to back up your data.  This cannot be further from the truth.  First of all, backups do not protect you from becoming a victim of ransomware.  It can be […]

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Traditional Anti-Virus Programs Don’t Work

Why Your Traditional AV Isn’t Working According to a recent study completed by KnowBe4, your traditional anti-virus alone is not effective in stopping today’s biggest cyber security threat, ransomware.  Ransomware is a form of malware that locks your files or entire PCs and demands a payment to unlock them.  In the study, KnowBe4 asked 500 […]

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Application Whitelisting Ranks #1 For Security Essentials

Application whitelisting has identified as the top security essential tool by Business IT.  Application whitelisting implements a security method that, if utilized correctly, will only allow trusted programs to run.  Since malware is not a trusted program, the executable will not be allowed to run.  Theoretically. this will eliminate malware infections on PCs that are […]

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Application Whitelisting Cuts Cyber Crime by 85%

Whitelisting Cuts Targeted Malware Attack Success Rates By 85% According to a report generated by Cylance, the Australian government believes cyber crime can be cut by 85% with the implementation of application whitelisting.  The report states, “The Australian Signals Directorate has identified application whitelisting as the most effective strategy in its Strategies to Mitigate Targeted […]

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Application Whitelisting – Our Nation’s Solution to Cyber Security Crisis

Application Whitelisting–Our Nation’s Solution? Never in our history has cyber security been a bigger threat than it is now.  Whether it is our computers, smart phones, tablets, televisions, smart watches, etc., they’re all at risk.  Recent reports stated, over 3 million users were exposed to malware in the fourth quarter of 2016, almost a 23% […]

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Application Whitelisting – The Only Protection Against Ransomware

Application whitelisting provides the final piece to the endpoint security solution puzzle. When trying to battle today’s cyber criminals, PC users must always be on the defense.  This includes consistently trying to anticipate the hacker’s next move.  This can be incredibly difficult.  What if there was a security solution that did that for you? Application whitelisting […]

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Strengthening Cyber Security Infrastructure with Automated Global Whitelist

PC Matic’s Vice President of Cyber Security, Dodi Glenn, recently conducted a webinar regarding how to strengthen cyber security infrastructures with an automated global whitelist approach. During the webinar, Dodi discussed the current threat landscape, malware sample manipulation, and preventative detection with application whitelisting. Dodi shared with the audience the malware trends, and his thoughts […]

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Default Deny – The Future to PC Protection

Default Deny What is default deny? Essentially, it is application whitelisting. Application whitelisting is the preventative detection method, proven to be more effective in preventing malware attacks than the traditional methods used by many anti-virus programs. Google senior security engineer, Darren Bilby, has asked for research to be focused on more meaningful defenses such as whitelisting applications, instead […]

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