Windows 7 Adoption

Windows 7 is an upcoming version of Microsoft Windows operating System for use on personal computers. In 2007 Microsoft estimated that Windows 7 would have a three-year development time frame following the release of its predecessor Windows Vista, but that the release date would ultimately be determined by product quality.

Windows 7 is expected to includes a number of new features, such as advances in touch and handwriting recognition, support for virtual hard disks, improved performance on multi-core processors, improved boot performance, and kernel improvements.

In January 2009 users got their first taste of W7 when Microsoft released a beta version of the operating system. However, after Windows Vistas’ high system requirements, more restrictive licensing terms, and lack of compatibility with some pre-Vista hardware and software resulted in criticism and low initial adoption rate, Will users rush to Windows 7? The charts below gives us a view into the future by detailing W7 beta adoption since its release in January 09, and follows it as it works its way into the market place.

Users are anticipating the Windows 7 Adoption.

Countdown to Windows 7 adoption begins

Canadians are leading the Windows 7 adoption.

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